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Regular expressions (regex ) are extremely useful in extracting or processing information from text by searching for one or more matches of a specific search pattern. If you don’t have much experience with it, you probably feel confused about its syntax. But Regex is not as hard as you think.

You only need to do two things: recognize the patterns and practice them.

Regular expressions generalize this “wildcard” idea to a wide range of flexible string-matching syntaxes.

The r indicates a raw string.

2. Metacharacters

Metacharacters have special meanings within regular expressions. If you’d like…

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In this article, I’m going to show you how to deal with string data. In the real-world, the raw data are always full of unexpected chaos. For example, after you took a paper-based questionnaire, you will receive many “versatile” answers. The answer of Gender could be “M”, “Male”, “Man” and so on.

Therefore, master the way of dealing with data will save you lots of time and more importantly, keeping you away from annoying moods.

Digital transformation is on the way!

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Everybody struggles during the pandemic. It is the hardest time for small businesses during the lockdown. Small businesses tend to live only with a few months of cash flow and very limited ways to get financial support, compared to the big companies. so when something as significant as this hits, it could be devastating.

In March, IHK Berlin launched a platform called “ Unternehmer helfen Unternehmern” ( Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs) and I started the project called “ Thrive local business”. …

4 approaches to save your cash flow crisis

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Cash is King

When we are in a booming economy, we might have a fistful of goals and KPIs to measure our business. Growth, Revenue, Profit, and so on. But in an economic crisis or a downturn stage, cash is always the king.

Do not garble Profit and Cash Flow.

Profit describes the financial benefit realized when the revenue generated from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs, and taxes involved in sustaining the activity in question. Cash flow statements provide a straightforward report of the cash available. It determines problems with a business’s liquidity.

Being profitable does not necessarily mean being liquid

Optimizing sales funnel and retargeting customers

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A few months ago, I wrote several articles about customer segmentation, which can help businesses precisely reach customers with specific needs and wants. Recently, some business owners asked me about methods for improving operational efficiency and revenue. Despite spent tons of money on the marketing campaign and acquired many new customers, they are disappointed in the sales performance.

Setting up a system to make sure you look at the right numbers at the right time

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Everything we do today can be marked as data, which has had a profound impact on our lives and business. More and more companies are putting their bets on big data and expecting to dig more business insights from it. However, compared to the enthusiasm of big companies, small businesses seemed a bit shilly-shally. Limited budgets to collect data and inadequate skills to understand complex scenarios are the leading causes of setbacks.

In my experience, small companies still have budget-friendly ways to deal with data and to thrill their business.

Size Is Not the Only Thing

Yes, big is good. But how big is big enough?

Recently I heard many “big news” about German politicians. For example, Thuringia Election, and CDU Leader Resignation. Anything involved in politics is always complicated and full of changes. However, I am intrigued by the basic ecology of German political parties, AKA, the players.

The data is from Federal Returning Officer on the 2017 Bundestag election. There is also an official document of the election. Of course, it’s written in German and has 456 pages. If you don’t have time to read so much info, this article is right for you.

How many registered voters in Deutschland?

In total, 61 million people attended the election. The population…

Nobody knows since when it’s becoming utterly difficult to find a flat in Berlin at a proper price. Even your SCHUFA score is above average, you still need to spend lots of time and energy on the searching and waiting. For example, although I’m running my own business and my credit record is perfect. I only got two replies out of my 58 applications on ImmobilienScout24. And it is even not from the real landlord who owns the property, but from the person who has the main contract and wants to sublet one room.

Therefore, many people choose the compromise…

No matter small companies or big companies, businessman always try their best to acquire as many customers as possible. I appreciate the ambition and respect for the hard-working attitude. However, Not all customers are equal. You might not believe this number, even just a small family business, 30% of customers are unprofitable.

Very simple to understand, unprofitable customers consume more resources than they pay for. On the other side, even though you spent a lot to attract new customers and they tried you once, they still have the big chance to leave you. As a manager, you must understand how…

After reading the last chapter, I bet you must have a feeling about the online retail business and be more familiar about the retailer’s business.

Let’s start with a quick refresh :

Now consider yourself as a marketing manager or performance manager, what do you want to dig out from the transaction data? A good outcome always comes with a good question. I…

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